Smoking Hot (The Diary Of A Fire Demon)

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Series: Body Swap
Paperback: 202 pages
Publisher: Reardon Publishing (November 6, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1874192936
ISBN-13: 978-1874192930
Product Dimensions: 5.8 x 0.5 x 8.3 inches
Shipping Weight: 14.1 ounces

“Swapping bodies with a young female demon had not been part of the planned vacation. Nor was having to attend a demonic high school for the magically gifted. When the most magical thing you could do was set your own underwear on fire. Life was not going to be easy, even less so with a painful tail that everyone trod on. Owning a magic sword that always tried to look up your skirt when fighting was not helpful. But then nor was having a telepathic diary that corrected your thinking instead of your spelling.”

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What a fun read!

“In this this book we start out with a bog standard “Demon tricks human into allowing access to our world” type story but instead of a normal demon possession the human/demon in question merely switch bodies. The demon then immediately goes off to use all her hot water (from the “Magic fountain”) and snog her boyfriend…And possibly the neighbors… “That lip sucking thing looks like fun” <–Says demon.

It’s at this point we switch fully over to the new demon that was Alyce our human protagonist just in time for her to sit then stand on her new tail, and with hardly a chance to say “ow” the three sisters she never had arrive herd her into a carriage and ship her off to some kind of cross between Hogwarts (as is mentioned by the protagonist), some old British girls academy of learning, and that bootcamp from the “Starship troopers” movie.

Thus begins her (and by proxy our) journey through the demon school system. We learn right alongside her what it means to be a four year old Fire demon in this new world and what fun ride it is… For us that is, for her it’s a constant barrage of life threatening terror interspaced with periods of complete and utter confusion. This is not helped by the two fold puberty she finds herself in, both as a human getting used to her new demon body, and as a growing fire demon just coming into her powers. All in all its a good read that, while it may not shake the foundations of literacy it does manage a surprise or two along the way, and brings a smile to ones face.

Generally entertaining throughout.

Now for the nitty gritty;

The author has her own ideas on what the demon realm is and has populated it with its own unique flora/fauna and governmental structure and so far I have no complaints, in fact I would love to read some kind of history of the realm as what is mentioned so far is quite intriguing.

Reading it over it does seem as if the slight dialogue weirdness is in fact artistic choice. Still kinda weird, but logical within the context of the story. And there was only I think one typo I caught but it wasn’t bad.

But in closing, regardless of any issues with editing I am quite excited for the sequels. Quite a few possible story arcs open, in addition to the straight sequels. The world she has created is wide open and I’m thrilled to see where she goes with it.” That guy, February 10, 2015

Good Story Plot If You Like Body Switching Fantasy, Just With The MC Wasnt Quite As Clueless As A Person

“I am torn on this book, some aspects I really liked and some not so much. The idea/plot has been used many times but still there is some life left in the fantasy world body switch. I also liked the idea that the demon was not trying to get into our world to rule it or take power or enslave souls but was simply a young girl fleeing a harsh situation back in her world. On the down side the journal entries format that much of the book was written in was meh, a lot of it didn’t add much of anything to the story, it just allowed the author to shorthand thru much of the school year. One of the other things that bothered me was that the main character, our human girl was thoroughly clueless/airheaded to the point that at times I wondered how she could have even made it on Earth as a human let alone be transplanted into a demons body and manage to survive for any length of time. She eventually got a bit better but the first 2/3rds of the book I felt very frustrated with her. I am definitely looking forward to a second book so I can see if some of my questions get ansered and if the main character wises up or not.” Marty Myers, September 30, 2016

Kept Me Nice And Warm On A Snow Day

“I love a good fantasy story and this one explores territory well off the beaten path. The demon world in this story is wonderfully crafted, similar to ours in some ways, and completely different in many others. For example, a world without water, any water at all, has unique character. I was also quite pleased with the way the characters developed over time, all of them surprisingly deeper than I expected.

On the other hand, the tone of the writing was irritating at times. The target audience is clearly young adult. For example, I feel the word “mega” should be quietly kidnapped, brought out to high seas, then dropped overboard attached to a heavy weight. Sadly, it showed up 23 wince worthy times. Still not docking a star though, for want of the next book in the series.” Denis Dube, January 27, 2015

Well, The Story In The Beginning Sounded Like It Would Be Another Tale Of Demonic Possession…

“Well the story in the beginning sounded like it would be another tale of demonic possession of some sort. But! Its totally not what you’d expect. The main character who takes over a fire demons body is sent to a school, kind of like in a harry potter meets, girly sleepover and, boot camp kind of thing. The story line is interesting and at times cute and cuddly. The overall explanations and features of the demonic world they live in are totally unique, well thought out and original. This is something id recommend to just about anyone that wants to hear something new. The story like I said has cute moments, fighting moments, “hot” moments, and is told mostly in first person point of view. This book is something a teen aged boy would droll over. Even though im not a teenage boy, I absolutely loved it because of its uniqueness, and in depth thoughts and moments with the main character 🙂 Good Work Amy.” Amazon Customer, February 7, 2016

Really Not What I Had Expected…

“I had expected to read a typical book of body swap…and with more or less predictable outcome. I was wrong! The author takes great care to describe what might go on in a demon body. I have read a lot of science fiction, but I haven’t ever read a story which leaves the human nature so far behind. The book gives a really refreshing different perspective how one could see the world.

I really enjoyed reading it and diving into the characters.” Alexandra V Wostbrock, May 10, 2015

A Lighthearted Fun Read

“I really enjoyed this book! The idea was different and the take on a world of demons was very new. The plot is interesting and the main character, Alyce, comes across as a real person. (Maybe not particularly bright, but real) There is a feeling of innocence even as the demons are trying to kill each other. I like how the author brought things nearly full circle at the end and then left us wanting more.

The book is written with a light hearted style so you’re not going to take it too seriously, but it is entertaining. I’ll be looking for Amy Mah’s next book after reading this one.” John Z, March 31, 2015

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