Welcome to All About Amy, where you can find out all about Amy Mah, a very funny author who writes about her life as a modern teenage vampire trying to put up with both humans and her fellow vampires…

Amy has published her books through Reardon Publishing, and these are available on Amazon.com and elsewhere via Amazon’s extensive distribution network. The links below this section will also help you to find them.

Although aimed mostly at teens and young adults, it’s fair to say her writing has also found a following among older kids over 40, and parents.

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You can find Amy Mah on Twitter, Amazon, Youtube, Flikr, Google+, GoodReads, ThirdScribe, Minds.com

Books by Amy Mah:

The “Nightlife Series” by Amy Mah:

Fangs Rule by Amy Mah Vampire by Amy Mah

The “Body Swap” Series

Smoking Hot by Amy Mah

The “A Bad Hair Day Every Day” Series

A Bad Hair Day Every Day book 1 A Bad Hair Day Every Day book 2

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